Smart Glasses: Technology and Applications

31-01-2019 : Station d’épuration AIDE, Rue de Liège 158, Oupeye, Belgium

Organizer: Basse-Meuse Development with DSP Valley Leuven
The HYPEREGIO project consortium kindly invites you for our brokerage event on Smart Glasses. New technologies find their way into daily life applications. Nowadays we see an increase of applications making use of Virtual or Augmented Reality. Smart glasses are an important enabler for this last technology of Augmented Reality.
During our brokerage event we will elaborate on the possibilities of augmented reality and the potential of using Smart Glasses. To clearly identify and focus on the applications, the focus will be on the domains of

• healthcare
• logistics
• industry & maintenance

The goal of the workshop is to see how smart glasses are used today, to act as a source of inspiration for others. Next to that we will to take a look into the future and try to imagine what this technology has in store.

Thursday 31 January, 2019
We will start at 12hr00

AIDE – Station d’épuration
Rue de Liège 158,
4680 Oupeye,

Participation is free of charge, but registration is mandatory. Please use this online registration form.